Basement / Cellar Conversions in Manchester and Loft Conversions in Manchester from Up and Under

Loft Conversions in Manchester

Up and Under provide professional Loft Conversions in Manchester, covering and Altrincham, Didsbury, Bowden, Stockport, Hale, Chorlton, Sale and Urmston.

All our team of loft converters are highly skilled craftsmen, each being selected by us not just for their fine skills, but also their ability to blend in with the family atmosphere.

This is reflected by their respect to our Client's home whilst the loft is under construction.

Loft Conversions in Manchester available from Up and Under
Exactly what is a Loft Conversion
A loft conversion is the process of transforming an empty attic space into a functional room, typically used as either living accommodation or storage space. Loft conversions are one of the most popular forms of home improvement in the UK as a result of their numerous perceived benefits.
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Loft Conversion - before work began Loft Conversion - after work had finished
The installation of a loft conversion is a complicated process, and whilst it may be possible to attempt a ‘DIY’ loft conversion, the large amount of work involved often results in many people choosing to contract a specialist loft conversion company to undertake the task.
The benefits of a Loft Conversion
Loft conversions yield numerous benefits for homeowners, which may be the reason for their increasing popularity. Often, up to 30% of a property’s potential space is located within the loft area. Converting the attic will therefore provide a significant amount of room that may be used for a wide variety of accommodation; often a bedroom, bathroom, office, or entertainment room.

It is widely perceived that a loft conversion will add a significant amount of money to the value of a property.

Whilst the exact figure varies, many credible sources have determined that a professional loft conversion can increase a house’s value by approximately 20%.

Loft Conversions on average increase the value of your property by 20%

Many families also choose to convert their loft area as a means of obtaining more space without having to endure the costly and stressful process of moving property

If you are thinking of converting your loft and are not sure where to start, be sure to contact us and speak to one of our experts. Throughout the conversion we will update you on progress of the project at all times.

Take a look at some of our Loft Conversion Projects

If you would like to talk to someone direclty, please call us on 0161 7553375 for "Free - No Obligation" advice, help, assistance and quotes. Email us direct at
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Basement Conversions and Loft Conversions in Manchester from Up and Under
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