Up and Under provide professional Basement / Cellar Conversions in Manchester, covering and Altrincham, Didsbury, Bowden, Stockport, Hale, Chorlton, Sale and Urmston.

Basement Conversions in Manchester

Manchester Basement Conversions

Professional Cellar & Basement Conversions in Manchester from Up and Under, a company dedicated to customer services and a quality finish.

Create more space and increase the value of your home with a professional basement conversion Manchester from Up and Under. UP & UNDER is the only remedial company in Manchester to offer a full design and conversion service for basements and cellars. If it is only the basement that is being converted in a property, this can still involve many trades. Architects, Builders, Damp Proofing Contractors, Electricians, Plumbers, Plasterers, Joiners and or Decorators are all required.

UP & UNDER have their own architectural service on a retainer, specifically for basement conversions. We will organise the design and specification of all works for your basement and then manage / oversee all works required in order to transform the area from bare damp masonry, to a warm and habitable decorated room.

Having the works carried out like this cuts down on time and keeps the overall cost of your conversion to a minimum. Take advantage of this service.

The Benefits of a basement conversion in your property can be numerous and can increase the overall property appeal and valuation…

  • Increase habitable living space.
  • Increased Energy Efficiency.
  • Increased Property Value.
  • Variety of Uses.
  • No Planning Permission in Many Cases.


Up and Under specialise in Basement / Cellar Conversions and Basement / Cellar waterproofing in the Manchester areas…


Many properties are built over an unreleased asset, a basement. Over the years, there has been an ever increasing demand for usable space within buildings, both for domestic and commercial purposes.

Conversion of basements has become a logical solution to this demand. However, to achieve dry usable rooms, a critical issue is the need to install effective and long lasting waterproofing systems. The rising water table across the country has led to more and more, once reasonably dry basements, becoming subject to dampness and in some cases flooding.

Architects, Builders, Surveyors and the general public have all been found scratching their heads as to how to combat these problems, in both existing basements and new constructions….


UP & UNDER provide a full survey, design and installation service for basement waterproofing. Having completed our survey and identifying the problem, we then question the client as to the end usage of the conversion. Only after doing both can the correct and most value for money waterproofing system be installed.

Our preferred option is cavity drainage membranes, with drainage channels to a sump and pump. These membranes combine excellent water control and damp proofing, combined with cleanliness and a quicker installation.

However, in some instances, i.e. where an area is to be used for storage only, other options are available which may be more cost effective.

UP & UNDER have been successfully working on basements for 25 years, and to date have had no failures. This in itself is proof of our expertise in our field, as we do not believe many of our competitors hold this record.


For more information and enquiries on a quality basement or cellar conversion in the Manchester area for your property, please Contact Up and Under today…

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Professional Cellar & Basement Conversions in Manchester